Protocols of the Convocation Ceremony

Convocation Ceremony is a very solemn occasion, therefore maintaining decorum and punctuality is essential.


  • Degree recipient needs to be seated in their designated seat at least 30 minutes prior to the entry of the Convocation Procession. Nobody will be allowed to enter the convocation premise under any circumstances once the procession enters the convocation hall. Degree recipients should plan their travel and arrival accordingly. No excuse of delay will be entertained.
  • Seating Plan for the Degree Recipients is as per the Doctoral, PG & UG degree recipients. A seat designated for a particular degree recipient will have a specific roll number. Faculty members / staffs will be there to help the degree recipient to find out a specific seat.
  • During the function Degree Recipients shall move out of theirseats only when their name is called for receiving the degree.
  • On being called for receiving the certificate, the degree recipient should alight the stage and walk to the dais from one end in a dignified and orderly fashion in sequence of their names called to receive his/her certificate at the hands of the dignitaries and come back to his/allocated allotted seat from the other end of the dais in an orderly sequential fashion.
  • Personal photography and taking selfies are prohibited during the ceremony. Degree recipients or the accompanied persons are not allowed to leave their seat for taking photograph. The official photographer shall carry out photography and videography during the ceremony. Photographs of degree recipients will be made available after the ceremony.
  • Cross talks, visiting washroom, loitering inside the convocation hall are completely prohibited during the ceremony. Audience will keep sitting on their respective seats until the convocation ceremony is over (The Academic Procession departs).
  • Degree Recipients are requested to maintain complete silence during the convocation proceedings since it is a very solemn occasion, however they are expected to clap after the various addresses / speeches, presentation of degree & medals.
  • Children below 14 years are not allowed.
  • The guests and family members of the degree recipients and official invitees / media persons shall occupy their seats only in the prescribed area.
  • Each Degree Recipient shall be allowed maximum of two accompanying family members/guests at the convocation ceremony. The accompanying guests need to enter the convocation hall along with the degree recipient.
  • The number of accompanying guests should not exceed the number provided to the institute through the Google Form.
  • During the function mobile phones should be kept switched off.

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